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French Café—Albuquerque, New Mexico

As a classic French café, Café Jean Pierre offers a relaxed, casual atmosphere and serves traditional French bistro cooking. The café’s setting reflects the sophisticated simplicity of many modern bistros in Paris. From the white tablecloths to the bistro chairs, you will feel as if you have literally traveled to France.

Chef Jean Pierre’s French Café Menu

Perfectly complementing the traditional café ambiance is the authentic French bistro cooking you will find at Café Jean Pierre. Offering appetizing lunch and dinner choices, Chef Jean Pierre’s French café menu has something for everyone. You will find traditional bistro lunch dishes such as steak frites and salad Nicoise, quiches and sandwiches, crêpes and daily specials. For evening diners, Café Jean Pierre serves seasonal dishes, dinner specials, and classic French favorites including Boeuf Bourguignon, Escalopes de Veau Normande, and Cabillaud aux Capres.

One of the truly remarkable features of Chef Jean Pierre’s French bistro cooking is that he uses seasonally fresh, locally grown fine ingredients as well as the esoteric ingredients necessary for authentic French food. These include local cheeses, meats, and herbs like tarragon and thyme.

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At Café Jean Pierre, our goal is to bring you an authentic French experience through our traditional French café menu and a relaxed bistro atmosphere. Our expert French chef Jean Pierre personally tastes each dish before it leaves the kitchen to ensure the highest quality for each of his patrons. To reserve your opportunity to enjoy a night of French cuisine and culture, contact Café Jean Pierre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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We lived in the Loire Valley for two years and Belgium for two years. A frequent trip from Colorado would not be complete without tasting La vrai cuisine francaise at Café Jean Pierre. The Chef's desire to please is incredible. For a taste of France in New Mexico, this is the place. It's charming! ~Lorraine and Glenn B.
Fabulous food, wonderful atmosphere! I can’t get past the veal; it was scrumptious! ~ Heather
Café Jean Pierre is the best restaurant in town. The food is outstanding! I've told every one of my friends and they agree that it's the best meal ever. ~Vicky C
Café Jean Pierre is my favorite place to eat. The food is excellent and skillfully prepared with the freshest ingredients. My stomach and mouth think they've died and gone to heaven! The service is friendly and you are warmly welcomed. Everyone I have brought here has been very pleased and said they definitely will come again. ~Libba C.
Personal service, great food and wine. I come here at least once a month and have never been disappointed. ~Jackie
My friend brought me here for my birthday. This food is amazing. It's the best I've ever eaten. The service is great. The café is charming, quiet and elegant. I love it. ~Mary W.
I have truly enjoyed dining at Café Jean Pierre. The food is wonderful and the service is exceptional. I’ve referred numerous friends—all of whom have thanked me and repeated how much they appreciate the fine dining here. They also have “spread the word” and referred their friends and relatives. Thank you sooo much for providing such a special dining experience! ~Tricia D.