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Chef Jean Pierre’s Favorites

Throughout his culinary career, Chef Jean Pierre has had the opportunity to make fabulous French cuisine for many customers. He takes great pride in his work and has an obvious passion for cooking, but certain dishes allow him to especially express his creativity and stretch his culinary muscles. These French dishes include:

  • Fresh Seafood—Chef Jean Pierre loves to cook seafood in every variety. Many of the dishes he creates are savory French delicacies prominently featuring fish as the main ingredient.

  • Ragoût—This hearty stew has been a French standard for centuries and remains popular among French restaurants. Because he is able to be creative and imaginative with this dish, Chef Jean Pierre particularly enjoys creating and modifying his recipe with various meats, vegetables, and wines.

  • Terrines—As another classic French dish, this fancy meatloaf has become a sought after meal in many upscale restaurants. The meat used can include duck, goose livers, chicken, or seafood and can be complimented by truffles, vegetables and cheese. The mixture also uses a wine and herb marinade which can vary by chef and taste. Because of the various choices, Chef Jean Pierre enjoys preparing delicious terrines for his hungry customers.

  • Pâtés—Prepared very similarly to terrines, pâtés are another dish Chef Jean Pierre take pleasure in creating. Various meats or vegetables can be used, and many additions such as spices, herbs, and wines are available to enhance the flavor. Served in a browned puff pastry, pâtés are a mainstay on Le Troquet’s menu.

  • Galantine—Another traditional French dish served for centuries is galantine. Making the dish can be very complicated and requires an experienced chef like Jean Pierre to expertly complete each step for proper preparation and execution. Chef Jean Pierre enjoys this challenging dish because of its exceptional outcome.

  • Unique Creations—Because of his experience and skill, Chef Jean Pierre is proficient in and loves to create one-of-a-kind dishes to add to his menu. Based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and his own imagination, he prepares delicacies enjoyed by patrons of all ages and tastes.

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