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Authentic French Cuisine

Bringing Classic French Culinary Creations to Your Plate

Authentic French food imparts a sophisticated ambience to any dining experience and has long been considered a mainstay of a romantic evening. At Le Troquet, our authentic bistro provides a quaint but romantic setting to showcase the classic French cuisine coming out of the kitchen.

Chef Jean Pierre’s culinary skills and expertise in the art of French cooking allow him to provide the most sophisticated and authentic French meals this side of France. With a passion for authentic French cuisine, Chef Jean Pierre does not simply provide good food; he creates works of art that are meant to be savored.


Chef Jean Pierre Gozard

Raised in the Burgundy region of France, Chef Jean Pierre developed a passion for French cooking at a young age. His mother was an exceptional cook; her sumptuous home cooked meals and skill in the kitchen inspired Chef Jean Pierre. Armed with a passion for cooking, Chef Jean Pierre gained mastery over authentic French cuisine by studying under countless French chefs who imparted to him their culinary secrets.

Today, Chef Jean Pierre shares his passion by creating one-of-a-kind taste sensations that hearken back to their original French roots. Offering lunch, dinner and catering menus balanced in classic French cuisine and modern-day favorites, Chef Jean Pierre provides authentic French foods that serve as culinary masterpieces that intensify your dining experience.

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For authentic French foods that transport you to the French countryside, stop by Le Troquet—a traditional French bistro tucked away in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights. Contact us today for an authentic French fine dining experience!

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