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Gourmet Desserts

dessertWhile dining at Chef Jean Pierre’s atmospheric cafe, you will be transported to the finest bistros of Paris where delicious desserts are a mainstay and croissants, French breads, crêpes, cakes and mousses impart a sophisticated flavor that is countered by the gentle acidity of fresh fruit garnishes.

At Le Troquet, we make all of our gourmet desserts in-house and to order. Whether you desire a sweet crêpe, a fruity dessert with homemade whipped cream and almond drizzle or a flourless chocolate cake with velvety richness, our delicious dessert will be the perfect culmination to your authentic French meal. Balancing heavy French cream with fresh raspberries, strawberries and peaches and making perfect crusts to encase heavenly dessert creations, Chef Jean Pierre Gozard creates traditional French pastry dessert favorites with his own signature flair!

Chef Jean Pierre Gozard

Chef Jean Pierre is well-versed in the fine art of French pastries. Growing up in the Burgundy region of France, Chef Jean Pierre studied under the finest pastry chefs and learned innovative ways to make authentic French gourmet desserts using the freshest ingredients. Stop by Le Troquet and partake of our succulent French pastry desserts which are made in-house with the richest and freshest ingredients. Our signature desserts include the Belle Helene (a poached pear crêpe with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and topped with a house-made whipped cream), and our Flourless Chocolate Cake. Contact Le Troquet today for a mouth-watering treat!

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