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Gourmet French Food in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Many consider cooking gourmet French cuisine to be an art; for Chef Jean Pierre Gozard, preparing exquisite French food is a family tradition. He began his study of gourmet cuisine from his mother in Burgundy, France. Her delectable meals sparked a passion in Chef Jean Pierre that no culinary school could induce, and he commenced his journey to become a master French chef.

Now a successful restaurant owner, Chef Jean Pierre has brought his culinary skills to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the form of Le Troquet. In his restaurant, gourmet cuisine begins with the basics: expert execution of cooking techniques, perfect preparation of essential stocks, and ideal implementation of integral French sauces.

Cooking Techniques

The foundation of French cuisine is basic cooking techniques that are used to create elegant dishes worthy of a fine dining experience. Whether preparing gourmet French food, the following techniques are vital:

  • Faire cuire au four (Baking)
  • Braiser (Braising)
  • Faire rôtir (Broiling)
  • Frire à la friteuse (French-frying)
  • Frying
  • Faire griller (Grilling)
  • Pocher (Poaching)
  • Rôtir (Roasting)
  • Faire Sauter (Sautéing)
  • Flamber (Flambéing)

At a young age, Chef Jean Pierre mastered these techniques and has used them throughout the years while creating his gourmet French food.

Essential Stocks and Sauces

In addition to technique, stocks and sauces are also vitally important to French gourmet cuisine. Stocks (also called broths and bouillons) are used as a base of sauces and soups. Making a stock is the process of cooking a meat (chicken, beef, fish, seafood) with vegetables, bones, and water together. Stocks, which can be brown (beef), chicken, seafood, fish, or vegetable, are an absolute necessity in cooking gourmet French cuisine.

Stemming from the creation of stocks are sauces. Sauces are used to enhance the food they are spread upon and do not rely on meat fat or tidbits for flavor. In his French gourmet restaurant, Chef Jean Pierre’s knowledge of sauce preparation, including his expert reduction technique, helps him to create full-flavored sauces with either bold or subtle tastes. He also uses his collection of fine wines to create exceptional wine sauces. Some of the most common French sauces Chef Jean Pierre uses include Béchamel, Velouté, and Hollandaise.

Experience Gourmet French Food for Yourself

At Le Troquet, we strive to take your taste buds through a whirlwind of flavors with each of our expertly prepared dishes. Contact Chef Jean Pierre to make your reservation for authentic French cooking in a relaxed bistro atmosphere. Cooking gourmet French food is not simply our job; it is our passion!

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