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Fine Wines

Quality Vintages from France and California

wineGreat wine has always been a staple in French cuisine. An exceptional wine can intensify the flavors of a great meal and lend a sophisticated ambience to a fine dining experience.

At Le Troquet, we offer fine quality wines from France and California to complement our culinary creations.

French Wines

France is often considered the wine capital of the world for the sheer number of high quality wines produced throughout the country. Burgundy, where Chef Jean Pierre was raised, is a chief maker of some of the best wines in France. At Le Troquet, we supply French wines (including quality vintages from the Burgundy region) to pair with our authentic French cuisine.

California Wines

California’s Napa Valley boasts some of the most flavorful and balanced wines in the world and has long been known for culinary excellence. Our wines from California are of the utmost quality and are procured from large scale and boutique wineries in Napa.

Every wine at Le Troquet is handpicked and personally tasted by Chef Jean Pierre to ensure it is of the best quality. We have an in-house sommelier who will help you match a wine with your entrée upon request. Whether you select a Pinot Noir to pair with your Au Poulet or you choose a Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany your Bouef Bourguignon, our fine quality wines coupled with our rich, authentic French food will complement your romantic evening.

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