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French Crêpes

In France, crêperies (food stands or bistros that serve fresh crêpes) are commonplace. In fact, crêpes are a French food delicacy favorite and are eaten any time during the day in France. At Le Troquet, we have brought this tradition to Albuquerque by serving savory and sweet (dessert) crêpes. Our French crêpes are made to order and are created with the freshest local ingredients to ensure you partake of a mouthwatering French crêpe experience.

A crêpe is a thin pastry made of flour that is often prepared with either a savory or sweet filling and topped with either a sweet reduction and fresh fruit garnish or a rich sauce.

Savory Crêpes

crepeSavory crêpes (or les crêpes salées) are a staple of our French menu. We offer crepes filled with poached chicken, creamed spinach, Swiss cheese, scallops—you name it! Chef Jean Pierre Gozard has created rich, flavorful dishes that balance the crêpe’s delicate pastry crust with creamy sauces. Our savory crêpes are found on our lunch and dinner menu and Chef Jean Pierre often incorporates a savory crêpe (or two!) into his daily specials.

Sweet (Dessert) Crêpes

crepe2Our dessert crêpes (or les crêpes sucrees) are topped with fresh fruit garnishes, homemade whipped cream and often incorporate rich chocolate, toasted almonds and vanilla ice cream. Creating traditional French favorites with a signature flair, Chef Jean Pierre provides the ultimate French pastry desserts in the form of sweet crêpes. Ask for our signature Crêpe Suzette or Belle Helene!

If you want to experience a little taste of Paris, don’t hesitate to stop by our French bistro café. We offer a wide selection of savory and sweet crêpes all day long so that you have the opportunity to experience the variety and richness of the best crêperies of Paris. Contact or stop by Le Troquet today for succulent savory and sweet (dessert) crêpes with crusts so perfect they will melt in your mouth.

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Bon Appétit!