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Fresh Seafood Restaurant

seafoodFor New Mexicans, fresh seafood is a rare delicacy. Imparting the flavors of the ocean, fresh mussels, wild-caught sea scallops and ruby red trout also set the mood for a romantic fine dining experience. At Le Troquet—an Albuquerque fresh seafood restaurant—you can partake of both the succulence of fresh seafood and the romantic ambience of a Parisian bistro.

Le Troquet, a romantic bistro restaurant serving gourmet seafood with quality French white wines, is arranged in the style of the finest bistros of Paris. In keeping with the tradition of French cuisine, Le Troquet features a constantly updated menu that is created based on the freshest seafood available.

Chef Jean Pierre Gozard: An Exceptional Seafood Chef

Renowned Chef Jean Pierre cooks seafood using quality Rieslings—a fine French white wine—and utilizes cherry and champagne vinegar to bring the best flavors of the seafood to the forefront. Chef Jean Pierre believes in using the freshest, highest quality ingredients and honors those ingredients by preparing gourmet seafood with a light hand—allowing their natural flavors to marry in the pan and create a dynamic but subtle flavor combination in your mouth.

Whether you are in the mood for filet of sole wrapped around a salmon filet broiled and served with a beurre blanc sauce or you would like steamed mussels with garlic and shallots marinated in French white wine, herbs and cream, Le Troquet offers a wide variety of daily fresh seafood dishes in generous portions. Contact Le Troquet today for a rare treat! Partake of our fresh seafood dishes today!

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