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Finest Ingredients for Gourmet Food in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Traditional French cuisine uses only the finest, freshest ingredients to create the sweet and savory dishes found on menus across the world. At Le Troquet, Chef Jean Pierre Gozard uses a combination of seasonally fresh, natural ingredients; local, home-grown products; and traditional, esoteric French ingredients as he prepares each dish on his menu.

Seasonal Ingredients

From the moment you enter Le Troquet, you are taken on a sensational journey through France. With a sophisticated, bistro setting and exceptional French cuisine, your fine dining experience at Le Troquet will allow you to explore the tastes, aromas, and sights of France.

By preparing dishes of the season, Chef Jean Pierre’s menu is fresh and vibrant, and you are given a new glimpse of more authentic French cuisine. From crêpes to entrées, appetizers to desserts, you can rest assured knowing that only seasonally fresh, natural ingredients have been used to entice your taste buds.

Local, Home-Grown Ingredients

Not only does Chef Jean Pierre believe in using fresh, seasonal ingredients, he also purchases local, home-grown products in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By shopping locally for gourmet herbs, cheeses, and meats (especially lamb), he is ensuring freshness and supporting local farmers. With each bite you take, see if you can taste the Southwest charm mixed into Chef Jean Pierre’s traditional French cuisine.

Esoteric Ingredients for Gourmet Food

As a French chef, Jean Pierre delights in using gourmet, esoteric ingredients not typically found in other types of cuisine. These include truffles (rare, edible mushrooms), foie gras (fatty liver of a duck or goose), and saffron (spice made from dried stigma of Crocus Sativus Linneaus plant). French cuisine is unlike any other in the world, and Chef Jean Pierre has successfully brought the sensuous food and rich culture of his home to Albuquerque.

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At Le Troquet, you will enjoy fresh, seasonal dishes using local, home-grown ingredients as well as esoteric, French gourmet ingredients. Food, for Chef Jean Pierre, is not to simply be consumed. He delights in knowing that his customers are enthralled with the overall experience of the French cuisine and culture he provides at Le Troquet. Contact Chef Jean Pierre Gozard to make your lunch or dinner reservation today!

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