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Pairing French Food and Wines

As part of the French tradition, properly pairing wine with the appropriate entrée can enhance the flavors and experience of exquisite French cuisine. At Le Troquet, we want to give you the full experience of French food, wine, and culture. We have a sommelier on staff to assist in choosing the perfect wine to accompany your dinner selections.

Sommelier’s Services

At a fine dining establishment such as Le Troquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a sommelier may appear at your table after your dinner order has been placed. A sommelier is a connoisseur of fine wines, beer, ales, ciders, and after-dinner cigars. Our wine steward will help you choose, if you so wish, which wines will perfectly complement your dinner choice and enhance the flavor of every food on your plate. Good sommeliers have intimate knowledge of each wine in the restaurant as well as the food on the menu. Once you have made your decision, the sommelier’s job is not finished.

The wine choice is only the first step in appropriate French food and wine pairing. After retrieving the bottle from the cellar, your wine will be decanted if necessary to allow it to breathe and expel its full flavor throughout the restaurant. At your table, our sommelier will pour a small amount, ask you to smell and sip the wine, and describe the flavors and aromas you should taste and smell while he waits for your approval. The main course, however, is not the only course in which your sommelier can be of service to you.

Dessert Wines

Although your dessert is served at the end of your meal, this does not mean that your dessert choice does not deserve a decadent wine to complement its flavors. To assist you in choosing the perfect dessert wine, our sommelier can offer choices based on your dessert. We offer a variety of French dessert wines including Sancerre, Muscat, and Vouvray as well as a chocolate wine from Holland, and a raspberry wine from Oregon. Whether your wine experience is limited or extensive, our sommelier can help you choose a wine that will intensify your dessert experience.

At Le Troquet, we strive to make your dining experience extraordinary. We not only pride ourselves on our culinary expertise but also on our wine collection. From France to New Zealand, California to Italy, we have the perfect wines to enhance the flavors of our cuisine and an experienced sommelier to assist you with your wine choice. Contact Le Troquet to reserve your chance to delight in traditional French cuisine complemented by exquisite wines.

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